What we do

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The biohub development process

Consult and Audit

On behalf of primary producers we audit the sources of biomass from both production and waste streams

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Define the optimal products

The highest Net Value Return for the biomass is investigated and evaluated so economic, social and environmental benefits can be maximised.

For example, biochar fertilisers have far greater value than burning biomass for electricity.

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Determine the optimal technology

Technology is our servant, not our master.

As the mission is to maximise the value of biomass technology is found or developed to suit the desired value outcomes.

We do not pull down the value of the biomass to suit the comfort of technology providers.

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Scope, design, fund, implement

From idea to production, Renewed Carbon implements the resultant BioHub project  to best service the needs of the host regional community

"We must always have a responsible, beneficial &  holistic approach to the environment & community"

Mark Glover, Founder and CEO of Renewed Carbon 

Consult and Audit


Consultation with communities, landholders, government departments to fully understand the local and regional resources, priorities, needs and expectations.


The inherent properties of the biomass as well as the social, environmental and economic framework it exists within.

Define the optimal products

Carbon neutral burning of biomass for electricity is the lowest value product and the product of last resort.

Carbon sequestering products have a higher social, environmental and economic value

  • biochar fertilisers
  • reductants
  • specialty timbers
  • essential oils
  • hydrogen
  • fertigated water

Determine the optimal technology

Technology is our servant not our master. 

A combination of detailed financial feasibility, cost benefit analysis, R&D, pilot production is undertaken to fully explore the biomass properties and find the highest value product possible.

Technology comes with people and their expertise. We engage with Universities and experts in their fields to push the boundaries of current processes and knowledge.