Our Community

Nothing exists in isolation

The traditional transaction between industry and community ends with the provision of jobs.

Renewed Carbon - particularly in semi remote areas - takes a broader view to encompass the whole of community health.

The better our community does, the better we do.

People are involved

The Ethic

Biomass has the fundamental ethic of replacing non-renewable fossil carbon and that ethic necessitates transparency and scrutiny

The Intrinsic

Biomass is intrinsically a community product. It is grown/facilitated by landholders, harvested/collected, transported, processed and shipped.

The value

Renewed Carbon uniquely seeks to maximise value of every aspect of biomass which requires significant investigation and involvement of markets, technology, expertise and community.



Building community resilience

Coming from a fundamental ethic to 'do good' our projects aim for mutual development between community and biohub

In semi remote Australia our biohub is proposing to the community

  • breaking the Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) cycle
  • developing the factors of resilience and liveable community
  • construction of quality community inclusive accommodation for new staff and families
  • creative commercial opportunities for locals and new employee families
  • Indigenous employment program (long term)
  • a major unique tourist activity to capitalise on the 100,000 grey nomads passing through town
  • buy local and pay promptly policy
  • support of sport and cultural organisations and activities