RCOriginal lighter carbon sml

The vanguard in maximising economic, environmental and social value from sustainably secured biomass

Replacement of fossil carbon

The provision of sustainably secured bio-carbon products to replace/supplement “fossil” based products in the economy

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Regionally Tailored Biohubs

Designed and operated to maximise the value of regional bio-wastes and residues for the benefit of the local primary producers

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Restoration of landscapes

Waste or under-utilised biomass often results in degraded landscapes.

Utilising sustainable biomass, landscapes can be restored for soil, agriculture and biodiversity outcomes.

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Maximising resource value

Renewed Carbon identifies the highest value product which can be obtained from the biomass under investigation.

Technology is found or developed to cost effectively realise the maximum economic, social and environmental outcomes.

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Tailored technology

Technology is our servant not our master.

Renewed Carbon is technologically agnostic and adopts or develops to best suit the unique local economic, social and environmental circumstances.

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Inclusion and involvement

Renewed Carbon's projects involve the needs of our biomass owners -farmers, saw millers, abattoirs -  who desire both economic and environmental returns

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