Our Natural Envrionment

Restoration and Rehabilitation

Closing the loop, carbon negative, positive input

co2 cycle

Renewed Carbon utilises waste and problematic biomass.

We do not grow biomass for biomass sake.

By doing so we achieve major environmental objectives

Recovery and rehabilitation of

  • agricultural land
  • biodiversity
  • waterways
  • soil health

Conversion to beneficial carbon products

  • charcoal
  • biochar fertilisers
  • essential oils
  • fertigated water
  • specialty timbers



Invasive Native Scrub (INS) and rehabilitating rangelands

In the semi arid areas around the world changes in land use has resulted in dominant monospecific growth of native shrubs resulting in dramatic agricultural and biodiversity decline.

The first stage of INS control requires mechanical removal and to date the removed biomass is burnt - what a disappointing waste.

Our Cobar biohub will not only utilise this discarded biomass but will facilitate ecological restoration through both  economic incentive and proactive land management services.

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Dairy waste and restoring soil and waterway health

Dairy farm operations routinely spread the dairy cow manure on the paddocks. For years this was a good return of nutrients and organic matter but over time this practice is negatively affecting soils and runoff is causing waterway pollution.

Our project in Victoria will divert this waste to bio-digesters and return  lower cost electricity AND water whose nutrient level has been tailored specifically to the lands soil requirements.

The facility is also attracting relocation of chicken breeders, solving the environmental impacts at their current locations.

The waterways can revert back to native biodiversity.