Renewed Carbon
P.O. Box 6112, 
Lake Munmorah, 2259
T: + 61 (0)417 224 919
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Renewed Carbon is a privately held project development and integrated project delivery company. To deliver successful projects, Renewed Carbon will, at least:
  • To identify viable and practical opportunities.
  • To organize and secure bankable feedstocks/supply for the project, and to develop and implement a medium to long term strategy for insuring supply for the foreseeable life of the project.
  • Secure suitable sites
  • Secure bankable off take for both primary and secondary products/by products, including exactly matching the required customer product requirements/expectations for biochar products
  • Secure all the necessary licensing and regulation approvals
  • Take the lead role in sourcing, integrating and providing the funding for the project at all stages of development, from “ first money”, financial close and post commissioning.
  • Engaging and overseeing all EPC(M) functions
  • Procuring all specialty vendor packages
  • Facilitating and managing the numerous technical, regulatory and commercial interfaces that arise in such projects.

Usually Renewed Carbon will develop each project as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) (or separate corporate entity) so that the capital structure and/or risk / reward / responsibility framework between the particular stakeholders for every project can be accommodated in the best fit practical.

Renewed Carbon will develop each project for a “carry” in the final project. Project development costs, out of pockets and fees may be converted in full or in part into equity into finished projects. Renewed Carbon may also invest directly in SPV’s in addition to the above. Renewed Carbon may also have a role in maintaining the bankable supply and off take arrangements for each project, and is available to undertake quite specific E.P.C(M) / O&M / RSM roles as required on a project-by-project basis.

Within this context Renewed Carbon is always keen to receive inquiries from specialist investors with an appetite to be directly involved in the biomass conversion sector in general, or the biochar production and speciality products sector in particular, whether on a holding company or specific project basis.
This opens up the opportunity to invest in whole projects rather than any particular, technology or isolated opportunity.